Going Public

11 August 2013

You name it – I’ve probably talked about it here.  My likes and dislikes, politics, knitting, funny events and people.  But I realised this week that I keep totally silent on one big part of my life.   

About 5 years ago I was “ordered”, along with others, not to talk in public (ie on the internet) or to non-members about the Knitters’ Guild, as though the Guild was a branch of the Freemasons or the Ku Klux Klan.    For some obscure reason, this was considered disloyal. 

I remember thinking at the time that if I ran the Guild I would encourage all members to talk about it, wherever and whenever knitters and crocheters gather,  We had about 500 members who we should be using as a great marketing tool.  So I bided my time.

With a new President three years ago, and a good Executive Committee, the attitudes slowly changed.  We started a Ravelry group, opened Twitter and Facebook accounts and encouraged people (members and non-members) to visit our website.  For the last two years I’ve been the Treasurer and helped bring the Guild into the 21st Century, with changes like the introduction of a Paypal facility for online membership and workshop applications. Nobody said I couldn’t talk about this but old habits die hard and I never mentioned the Guild here.

And now I’m the President.  So I’ll follow my own advice and plan to ensure that every knitter and crocheter in New South Wales is aware of our existance.

We’re the Knitters’ Guild NSW Inc.  This is a large and active organisation to run so we have an Executive Committee of 9, and 8 or so sub-committees. We have 22 groups around the huge State of New South Wales, two having opened in the last 4 months (Queanbeyan and Blacktown) and hope to have another up and running at The Entrance in October.  We now have about 720 members so we’ve definitely been doing something right over the last three years.  We run workshops (often with well-known international visitors), we supply the judges to a lot of the State’s shows, we put on exhibitions, we have a newsletter and a library.  Every two years, we hold a Knitting Camp weekend and the next one is in September with so far over 50 people booked to attend.  Non-members are welcome to attend workshops or Camp, at a slightly higher charge than that made for members, and are invited to make two visits to any group without joining the Guild.  At one workshop this year, one non-member present was so impressed that she joined the Guild online during the course of the day’s tuition.    

You can visit our website here (it’s currently being re-built and should be bigger and better in the coming months). 

We’re now “out and proud”!      

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  1. Hooray. Yes that was me. I joined up during a class. way to gogo Kerry

  2. I remember that “order” although it’s been a while now. I suppose you could have been expelled and then blackballed from re-joining but really, I felt more of it being ludicrous than anything else.

    Congratulations to you and all those others who have dragged the guild kicking and screaming into life today. Well done on the big increase in members. No, I haven’t joined. I have a clash with another function each month of any of the meetings I could get to fairly easily. I am totally committed to this event which has been going for years now but should it ever change, then I would join the guild and attend. I wouldn’t be happy joining and then not being supportive by attendance at functions.

  3. Congratulations to you and all the girls who have worked so very hard to arrive at this point with the Guild. I was once a member, a Convenor, for a short time, but did find it impossible to keep my enthusisam going with the battle I had almost every day with ‘the others’.
    Wishing you the best for the remainder of your term 🙂

  4. Great news Sally, here’s wishing the best for the Guild under your direction!

  5. Well done on helping the guild grow, utilize modern tools, and pursue improvements. I think our Knitting and Weaving Guilds are invaluable. Kudos!!
    Thanks also for expanding minds in other topics as well.

  6. No one ever told me I couldn’t talk about the Guild publicly so I’ve mentioned it in passing on my blog especially when I’m tutoring — how else could I explain those dozens of samples I’ve knitted in the last few years? I guess it helps that the convenor when I first joined and the convenor after her are both past members of the State Executive that brought in changes and not the types to be all hush, hush! So now we’re out and proud, eh? Too late for me, I’m afraid! Keep up the good work, the Guild is really coming along!

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