Depressing and Parochial

13 August 2013

This is my blog.  I’m not the ABC or CNN.  I have no charter which says that I have to present an unbiased view or both sides of the argument. I’m just warning you because I feel that as the next few weeks drag on, I’ll be venting my anger here!   

Australia is in full election mode . . . polling day is 7th September.  And I’m more than worried that we’re going to see the truth in the adage that “Oppositions don’t win elections, Governments lose them”.  If there’s anyone in this country who feels that Tony Abbott would be a great Prime Minister I’ve yet to meet him or her.  I was talking to a MEMBER of the Liberal Party last week who isn’t even going to vote Liberal because he can’t bear the thought of Tony being PM.  The man is a complete idiot (and don’t tell me how well educated he is . . . he’s a Rhodes Scholar . . . in this case education certainly didn’t maketh the man). 

He can hardly string a sentence together, the powers-that-be in the Liberal Party have kept him out of the limelight over the last few months but they couldn’t keep that up so now he’s been let loose on the Australian public.  Yesterday we had him referring to the “suppository of wisdom”  (which of course led to many quips online about his being his own worst enema, and talking out of his arse etc).  Today he referred to one of his female candidates as “sexy”.  He has a reputation for being a totally un-reconstructured male, to which he argues that he has two daughters.  Er?  If every man with a daughter were a feminist, we wouldn’t have needed Germaine Greer.

He was talking tonight about how the Liberals will do what they say they’re going to do.  Er (again)?  He hasn’t SAID what he’s going to do. He’s said that all will be revealed before the election. (I think they must still be writing it – and yes, I have read Real Solutions but that doesn’t throw any light on anything).

Australia is a modern, very large 1st World country.  Listening to Tony and his ilk is SO depressing.  They have no vision, no plans beyond the next election.  They behave like a mother trying to make ends meet during a depression and unemployment – squirreling away what money she can to make sure there’s food on the table every day and the rent is paid.  It’s all so parochial it nearly makes me sick.

Julia Gillard looked towards the future and planned for it.  We had the Gonski education reforms, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the Carbon Tax, the National Broadband Network.  Big projects to make this a better country.

Tony Abbott reminds me of so many women I’ve met who’ve told me they’re going to have a baby “when they can afford it”.  If they stick to that they’ll remain childless for life. 

You DON’T run a country in the way you run a household budget.   You run a country in the way you’d run a big business.   That does not involve saving up a bit each month until you can afford your next big project.   No new houses, roads or bridges would ever get built that way.

There is one major difference though between running a country and a business.  We expect the Government to have concerns beyond just the economic.  It isn’t (or shouldn’t be) all about money.  We also want them to legislate for our human rights, our legal system, the way that the most vulnerable in society are treated.  On those subjects both parties have remained mainly silent – with the exception of telling us how they’ll treat asylum seekers.  And Kevin Rudd has said he’ll support a same-sex marriage bill within the first 100 days.

I do wonder sometimes if parliamentary service should be treated in the same way as jury service.  Everyone over the age of 18 would be eligible to be called up to be a parliamentarian for a fixed term.  I’ve never served on a jury but I’ve been told that generally jurors take the job very seriously and are concerned to do “the right thing” – unlike most of our MPs.  A conscripted MP wouldn’t be going into the job to line his pockets or for the fame and glory. I think they’d just be concerned about getting the job done, as they don’t have to worry about the polls or being re-elected. 

It will never catch on but anything has to be better than this.  



  1. Hi,
    I too feel like anyone who wants to be in politics has no business being in politics. I think I saw it on QI but the conscripted/jury duty concept of serving the public was actually the original Greek way of Democracy.

    Maybe we should do the Resident Evil thing and get a big old cargo container ship and just make our own type of utopia?

  2. Your last point is spot on. As someone who essentially did a ‘fixed term’ in politics (after 8 years I got bored and ran out of steam) I know that those ‘career politicians’ who stay longer only acquire the knowledge to prolong their hold and watch their backs. You don’t need knowledge to go into politics just the ability to ask questions and a core of principle. Loose both of those and you inevitably turn into the fatuous farts who people our public sectors.

  3. Well said and too true unfortunately Sally! By the by when are we going to find time to get together? 😉 X

  4. Conscripted MPs are a novel idea although, like you, I’m sure it will never catch on!

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