Is This Naughty or Just Good Financial Management??

5 March 2014

Maybe everyone in Australia already knows this – I’m often the last to learn the wheezes.

The Sydney Morning Herald online is now only free to read 30 articles a month.  To read the whole thing, all day every day, you have to pay a subscription (and I’ve searched the site but can’t find out how much it costs).

HOWEVER, if you have exceeded your monthly limit and see an article you’d like to read, just put the title of that article into Google, and click on the link when it appears.  For some reason, accessing the SMH via Google works irrespective of how many articles you’ve read that month.

Useful, eh?





  1. I’ve started to buy The Saturday Paper. Brought to you by the same people as The Monthly. It sold out last Saturday around the inner west. I bought 3 copies from Epping newsagent and delivered them to my inner westie friends (they were so desperate to get a copy). It’s a pretty good alternative. Since being on maternity leave, I’ve totally stopped reading the SMH.

  2. If you want to browse the website properly (without having to google the article to read it) then you can also clear your cookies and your limit will be reset. :o)

  3. I have subscribed to SMH for years. I still believe it’s important to support good journalism in a country where Murdoch holds sway. I also subscribe to Crikey and New Matilda. Last year I changed my smh to a digital subscription, and it costs $25 a month. We can both download the paper to our ipads for that; I’m not sure how many people would be able to do that in a household. We have just loved being able to download the paper when we are overseas. And we don’t have piles of unread paper to throw out every week.

  4. In addition to Issy’s suggestion, if you use Google Chrome then simply hit Control-Shift-N to open a new “incognito” window. No cookies are set in there at all, meaning you can read to your heart’s content.

    (I dislike paywalls. By that I mean – if you want to have a subscription-only service, have one. But allowing search engines to scrape the content and then requiring login/payment is a cheap trick. Google should ban that.)

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