Quote Of The Day

6 March 2014

The Treasurer, Joe Hockey, was interviewed on television tonight about the Government’s proposals to solve the dire financial straits of Qantas.  He accused Bill Shorten and the rest of the Opposition of having no Plan B.

The interviewer asked Mr Hockey what is the Government’s Plan B.

His response?  ” Our Plan B is our Plan A”. 

Question 1:  Does that mean they have no Plan B either; just loads of plans that are all identical? 

Question 2:  Do these politicians ever speak ENGLISH?         



  1. It could simply mean that politicians will keep trying the same thing, expecting a different result.

  2. It means the man’s an idiot. And so is anyone who is taken in by him. “They have no Plan B, and we do. Our Plan B is our Plan A.” FFS! (Yes, I’m cranky!)

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