Leading, Not Following

7 March 2014

Following on from a post earlier in the week comes the question of democracy and how far Governments should go to reflect the views of the majority of citizens.

This Government keeps repeating that the majority of Australians want them to “Stop The Boats”.  And that is probably true.  But the majority of Australians wants gay marriage to be introduced and I didn’t see Tony Abbott rushing around in his first week in office to make sure THAT happens.   The majority of Australians may want capital punishment to be re-introduced for some crimes.  But it’s not on the agenda and probably never will be (I’m pleased to say).

Governments have to do what is the RIGHT thing to do, which is not necessarily what the majority of the electorate is demanding.  Some of the greatest and most important pieces of legislation have been made against the wishes of the majority.  I believe that compulsory education wasn’t very popular among the electorate in the UK – the upper classes feared that educated citizens would cause trouble and the lower classes wanted their children to be able to go out to work as soon as possible. 

I’d like the Government to do what is the right thing to do – in accordance with international law and the normal rules of acceptable, humane behaviour.   
They should be leading the way NOT following the herd.  


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  1. Hear, hear!

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