Yes, I Still Knit!

8 March 2014

I really do knit … a lot ….obsessively.  But I rarely write about it AND my camera is broken.  That’s OK at the moment though as my current knitting projects are for the Easter Show so maybe the camera will be fixed or replaced by the end of the show, when I can put up photographs.

This year I really splashed out and entered three items, but if I get two finished in time I’ll be lucky.  The 2-ply shawl category (finished), Over 8ply adult sweater/cardigan with sleeves (should just make it in time) and the 7 ply or Under adult sweater/cardigan with sleeves (not much chance of getting this finished – it’s 2ply yarn on 2mm needles and is a LONG knit!).   

Last year 164 items were actually submitted for the Show (as opposed to the number entered – I for one didn’t submit the item I entered as it wasn’t finished).  This year, they’ve had EIGHTY more entries so it will be interesting to see how many actually get to the Show on time and make it to the cabinets (and I hope they’ve bought some more cabinets for all these extra or it’s going to be a bit of a tight squeeze). 

I think Preview Night will be really exciting this year – I know of a number of people who’ve entered for the first time.  I will of course tell you all about it. 





One comment

  1. Sadly, at the rate I’m going, neither of my two entries will actually be delivered.

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