No Penguin Sweaters From Me!

10 March 2014

Yes, I knit.  Yes, I know about the appeals for sweaters for penguins.  And No, I’m not knitting them.

The first request for knitted sweaters was in 2000 after an oil spill at Phillip Island (Victoria, Australia).  The sweaters poured in from all over the world – 15,000 of them.   

Then in 2011, an oil spill in New Zealand caused damage to penguins so a call went out from there for sweaters.  They can hardly move for boxes of penguin sweaters from around the world.

I don’t really know what has caused this latest round of appeals for sweaters but I DO know that they will never see a penguin.  They’re being sold on toy penguins in the shop at Phillip Island.

So if you want to knit sweaters for toy penguins to raise funds for a well-respected animal charity, go ahead.  I’d rather spend my “charity knitting” time making warm hats and scarves for the homeless. 

If you want to read the full story of the Viral Penguin Sweater story, go


.   It was written on 2011, but updated last week.



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