A Healthy Diet …According to Subway

15 March 2014

I recently savoured the delights of Subway for the first time.  My fault, I know, but I was in a strange town which seemed to be very short of eating places so thought I’d give it a try. 

Firstly, it would appear that to be able to place an order it would be advisable to attend some sort of residential weekend training course.  You can’t apparently just go up to the counter and say “May I have a cheese and tomato sandwich, please?”  The instructions were plastered all over the wall – “First choose the bread – we have available the following etc etc”, “Second, choose a filling…..”, “Select what salad items you require”, “Which dressing would you prefer?”  

As the assistant was filling my order, I noticed that he was putting the items on bare bread.  I asked if I might have butter.  No, they don’t use butter or any other spread on the bread as they are “promoting healthy eating”.  I laughed.

To my side was a machine serving mega-sized cups of Coca-Cola and right in front of me was a display of cakes, biscuits and various sweet pies. 

He then told me that for an additional $1 (I think it was) I could have a large drink (of Coca-Cola).  I explained that I’m trying to eat healthily, and I’d have preferred a scraping of  butter on my bread to a Coke.

 I’d love to meet their in-house nutritionist.     



  1. I’ve eaten Subway once, found it immensely difficult to navigate, and then – is that actually bread? Never to be repeated (and I do like some convenience takeaway foods, just not this! Chips for me….).

  2. Can’t stand the smell of the place. How do they get them all to smell the same? And are all those plastic ingredients healthy? Who knew?

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