Knitting is KNITTING

26 March 2014

Why is the word “knitting” used as a generic term for anything that involves yarn or thread?  We all seem to have heard stories of someone being asked about their knitting and when they’ve pointed out what they’re actually doing is crocheting, the response is often “but it’s the same thing”. 

There are items for sale in retail shops online clearly marked as “Knitted scarf” or whatever.  No they’re not – they’re crocheted. 

The now infamous example was in the television series Call The Midwife, when the nurses decided to knit a baby blanket for their colleague’s new baby.  We saw them all sitting around knitting away.  Then they presented her with the blanket – which was crocheted.  There was such a hullabaloo among knitters that the Producer of the show had to go onto BBC Radio to apologise.

Just because wool is used, this DOES NOT make it knitting.  We don’t ask someone with a surtboard where he does his sailing.

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