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Want To Knit Socks?

24 March 2014

Socks look like a very difficult item to knit.  Read through a pattern and it seems incomprehensible.

I didn’t knit socks until about 4 years ago but David likes colourful socks so I felt a bit mean.  I don’t enjoy knitting them (others love it) but I do him two pairs a year. 

The Knitters’ Guild NSW is running a basic sock workshop on Saturday 5th April at Customs House Library, Circular Quay, Sydney.  You’ll learn how to cast on, knit a cuff, turn a heel and finish the toe. So if you’ve ever wanted to do this but haven’t had the courage, do come along.

The workshop is open to members ($14) and non-members ($18).  All details on the website here.


Big Plug No. 9

23 March 2014

Last year I sent you all off looking at yarn and other knitting goodies that I’d found on the internet.

Today, it’s buttons.  I couldn’t believe how much these cost in Australia and I’ve no idea why. 

But FashionationStudio is a lovely site of some great buttons in the USA.  Shipping to Australia would appear to be a flat rate of $5. 

Definitely worth a look


Presidential Duties

22 March 2014

Being President of the Knitters’ Guild is quite (correction: VERY) hard work.   In the last 12 months we’ve launched 4 new groups across NSW (bringing the total to 24) and we had about 230 new members in 2013, giving us a total of about 800.  And we have about 8 sub-committees.

The best bit though is going to visit the groups scattered far and wide across the State.  Last week I went to Newcastle (2 hours or so on the train north of Sydney) and next week I’m off to Tamworth, which is about 400km (250 miles) from Sydney.  It’s the home of country music in Australia (hosting the second largest country music festival in the world) which happens to be one of the few musical genres I really dislike, which is probably why I’ve never visited before.

But no music on this visit.  Just lots of lovely knitters and crocheters, and some great country hospitality.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll also be able to visit Nundle Woollen Mills which will be fun and interesting I hope.  This is one of the oldest working mills in the country in a VERY small country town.  I will of course report back.


Back To The Needles

21 March 2014

The big project I’ve spent the last three weeks working on has been cancelled (or postponed).  So I can get back to ‘proper’ knitting again.  Unfortunately too late to get anything finished for the Easter Show but maybe just knitting for fun.

That’s the best kind.


Yes, I Still Knit (Oh No You Don’t)

20 March 2014

A couple of weeks ago I assured everyone that I really DO knit and had entered three items for the Royal Easter Show this year.

Correction – I’ve donated $33 to the Royal Easter Show FUND this year.  No item will actually be delivered to the Showground. 

I’ve been so busy since then that unless I can stay at home for the next 9 days and knit about 15-20 hours a day, there is no chance of finishing. 

And why have I been so busy?  As well as the usual Guild business and actually having to work for a living sometimes, I’ve been heavily involved in another project.  But more of that later!


Nuclear Fusion In The Classroom

19 March 2014

Following my stories about stupid rules being presented as “Health and Safety” issues, a friend sent me this link which is also from the HSE site but is in praise of a school that allowed a young man to create nuclear fusion in a classroom in the UK. 

I believe many schools nowadays limit scientific experiments because of the supposed aforesaid issues, but this one encouraged this young man to do something quite remarkable.  It’s believed he’s the youngest person in the world to do this (he’s 13).


Striking The Right Note

18 March 2014

I think I’ve mentioned before that from the age of 6 until about 21, I played the trombone.  I stopped when I was living in bedsits – not conducive to good relationships with the neighbours.

I had a problem when I was smaller that it was difficult to hold AND play, and it was a while before I could play while marching.

But at least I never had this problem:

BBC News – Sneezing into a Trombone.