Name That Beach

22 April 2014

We all know the story that a camel must have been a horse designed by a committee.

I’ve often wondered how many committees sat for how many weeks naming some of the places I’ve come across in Australia.

I’ve lost count of the number of beaches with the name “Sandy Beach”. 

And how about “Boat Harbour”? 

A couple of weeks ago, I drove across a very long bridge – named aptly, of course, “Long Bridge”.

Imagination?  They have none.



  1. I once lived on Big Ditch Road. Guess what was right on the other side of the road?

    • I don’t know – a small hill? Give me a clue!

  2. At least people know what they’re getting… From what I understand, an early approach to marketing had something to do with the naming of Greenland, after they had trouble getting people to move to Iceland. Greenland was also somewhat greener and warmer at the time than it has been recently, I believe, but probably not enough to justify the name.

  3. Re Iceland: it is spelt Island in Old Norse and you pronounce the s. A bit like Ireland, with no s. We have just spent a week in the UK and you wouldn’t believe the lack of imagination! All these places named after towns and villages in Australia!

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