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More Chaplains – Just What We Need

19 May 2014

This country has a serious financial crisis (according to the Government).  No, it hasn’t (according to the world’s economists).  So last week’s budget was intended to make us all “share the pain” and “tighten our belts”. 

However it would appear that some members of society will be made to feel the pain more than most.  Those earning over $180,000 pa will probably lose 1% of their income.  A single mother will lose 10-14% of her income.  “Share the pain”??

There is so much in this budget which makes me angry (furious) but this would be a VERY long post if I ranted about them all.  So I’ll address a couple at a time.

Big business won’t be feeling the pain at all – 1.5% cut in company tax for a start.  And how many Australians knew until a couple of weeks ago that the mining industry receives a subsidy for their use of diesel?  $2.4 billion in the next financial year!  When the Treasurer was questioned about this, he seemed surprised that anyone would think that “unfair”.  Mining company vehicles are used on private roads only so why should the mining companies make a contribution, through the tax on fuel, to the cost of our roads?  I assume therefore that I’ll be getting an annual rebate because I’m currently paying part of my tax for the funding of schools, which I’ve never used, either for myself or a child.  Many ratepayers would be claiming a refund for their contribution to the public library system, which is free at the point of service and which they never use but do pay for.  It’s called “for the common good, Joe”.

And then my “bete noir” – the funding of chaplains in schools.  $245 million.  AND they’ve scrapped secular student welfare workers in schools.  As someone suggested on Twitter tonight, the chaplains are presumably there to encourage the children to pray for the old, the disabled, the young, the sick and the unemployed, all of whom are really going to suffer if and when these budget cuts get through the Senate.