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Is This Man Mad, or Stupid**

25 January 2015

I’m moving house this week so am rather busy but I couldn’t let Tony Abbott’s latest ‘bon mot’ pass without comment.

So once again the Government is trying to fiddle with working conditions in this country and they’ve got their sights set on the penalty rates that employees get for working weekends and unsocial hours.

Tony Abbott, naturally, supports this and his response to the tens of thousands of people (hundreds of thousands?) who do weekend work is “If you don’t want to work on a weekend, fair enough, don’t work on a weekend”.

The fact that they would appear to have a choice will be news to those working in the hospitality industry, to nurses and other health-care workers, to transport staff, to people working on emergency maintenance teams employed by electricity and gas companies, and to many, many others who really have no choice in the matter (if they’d like a job, that is).

** And that’s a rhetorical question.


Not Quite The Full Shilling***

9 January 2015

One of the big news stories in Australia at the moment is the impending visit of American osteopath, Sherri Tenpenny, to lecture us all on the dangers of vaccinations.

I’m very pleased to report that there has been a huge outcry about this, with people demanding the Government refuse her a visa and venues cancelling bookings that have been made by the Anti-Vaccination Skeptics Network.

I’m in two minds about letting her into the country.  On the one hand we have enough home-grown nutters without importing others.  But on the other, maybe if the spotlight is shone brightly on her and her followers with television discussions that include “proper” scientists and doctors, she may be seen for the fruitcake she is.

That goes against my normal viewpoint though which is that if you give airtime to views such as these, there is an implication that there are two sides to a story and two equally valid points of view.  For that reason, Richard Dawkins will no longer debate with creationists, and I do wish the ABC and other television channels wouldn’t bend over backwards so much to ensure “balance” by inviting climate-change sceptics onto their shows to debate with real scientists.

I read or heard recently (and I’m can’t remember where, or who said/wrote it) that a person is fully entitled to her own opinion.  She isn’t however entitled to her own facts.

*** I thought this was a great way to describe Tenpenny and I thank the anonymous contributor to an online discussion where I “stole” it.


Kerrie Allman/Rycroft

5 January 2015

I often get asked “What is Kerrie up to?”

Well she’s re-invented herself a number of times over the last couple of years.  For a while she was a “professional graphic designer” but that seems to have fallen by the wayside and she’s now promoting herself as a “social media expert” selling online courses on the subject.  She’s reverted to her maiden name “Rycroft”.

Frankly, I don’t really care what she’s doing as long as she isn’t up to her old tricks.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read a brief history of the whole saga here, or read other blog posts from around the world on the subject:

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Happy Reading!


Just A Few Ideas, Tony

3 January 2015

Dear Tony Abbott

Just in case you’re looking for a few ideas to increase income and reduce expenditure this year.  We’ve all probably at some point in our lives found that our income is rather too close to our expenses, or even less.  So what do we do?  We look at the “big ticket” items first – shop around for a lower mortgage or credit card interest rate, and reduce or eradicate the luxuries.  What we don’t do is turn off the heating for Granny living in the spare room, and reduce the size of her meals. Which is what you’re intending to do by cutting $21million in funding for the homeless and charging us all an extra $7 (or $5 or whatever this week’s figure is) to visit the doctor.

How about:

1. Withdrawing fuel excise relief for mining companies (the tax the rest of us pay on petrol/diesel).  Increased income – $2.4 billion a year.

2.   Withdrawing funding of the School Chaplaincy Programme.  Savings – $245 million a year.

3.    Withdrawing your plan to provide funding for private theological colleges for the training of priests.  Savings – $820 million over three years.

4.     Phasing out negative gearing on property investments.  Two-thirds of those with investment properties now declare a loss (and get tax relief on their other income) from their investments.   Increase in tax income – $4 billion a year.

I’ve lots of other ideas but I don’t suppose you want to hear them.

Happy New Year



A New Year Resolution

1 January 2015

It’s difficult to believe that I’ve ignored my blog for so long, and it’s sad.  So here we go ….. New Year, new start.  (And new computer, and new blog-writing software).

If I can just make myself blog at least twice a week I’ll get back into the swing of it.  Time is very short at the moment as we’re moving house in January and I have so many other commitments to keep me busy.

But I will NOT say Goodbye to my blog.  I’ve made so many friends on here and I’ve got rid of a lot of my pent-up rage about the state of the world.

So ….. I’ll be back soon. (When I’ve learnt how to use the software!)