Is This Man Mad, or Stupid**

25 January 2015

I’m moving house this week so am rather busy but I couldn’t let Tony Abbott’s latest ‘bon mot’ pass without comment.

So once again the Government is trying to fiddle with working conditions in this country and they’ve got their sights set on the penalty rates that employees get for working weekends and unsocial hours.

Tony Abbott, naturally, supports this and his response to the tens of thousands of people (hundreds of thousands?) who do weekend work is “If you don’t want to work on a weekend, fair enough, don’t work on a weekend”.

The fact that they would appear to have a choice will be news to those working in the hospitality industry, to nurses and other health-care workers, to transport staff, to people working on emergency maintenance teams employed by electricity and gas companies, and to many, many others who really have no choice in the matter (if they’d like a job, that is).

** And that’s a rhetorical question.

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