Should I Become A Tour Guide?

1 March 2015

Once again we have a big gap between posts here …. but I have a good excuse.  A month ago I moved house and am still surrounded by large quantities of unpacked boxes.

But I have found a little time to explore my new neighbourhood.  And it’s happening again!  I mentioned this a couple of years ago and had forgotten about it until I found myself in the same situation.

On my first trip to my local town, within 5 minutes of my arrival there I was stopped in the street by a stranger asking for directions.  On my second trip there a week later, the same thing happened (different stranger of course).  And last week visiting a part of Sydney I hardly know, once again I was approached.

Do I dress as though I’m a local guide?  Do I look incredibly knowledgeable?  Do I appear to be extremely friendly?  No idea what the answer is but this seems to happen EVERY time I visit a new area (or even new country). And I always feel so guilty that I can’t help.


One comment

  1. Perhaps you just don’t look scary.

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