And Again!

2 March 2015

And within two hours of writing my last post, I was asked by a couple if I knew where the nearest Pizza restaurant is!  Nope.  Couldn’t help.

In March every year I try to post here every day.  So let’s see how I go.


  1. Ha Sally, that happens to me too.
    When I’m travelling though I get asked in any language other than English. In the Louvre a woman asked me for directions to the exit; in Italian.
    In Norway almost everyone spoke to me in Norwegian first before English. I must walk in Norwegian!
    On a bus in China a woman introduced herself in German and happily talked away even though I told her in German “ich spreche sehr wenig”.
    And in Melbourne two Danish visitors asked me for help in Spanish. That was the weirdest one.

  2. You’re not the only one it happens to. It’s been happening to me for the past 50 years since I went to visit my French penfriend. It’s even happened in places where it is visibly obvious, I would have thought, that I am NOT a local!

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