It’s Supposed to be about WOMEN!

4 March 2015

People outside Australia are a little surprised when I tell them that the Minister for Women here is a MAN (Tony Abbott, our Prime Minister, fills the role).

I’m not sure what they’re going to say to this one – on Friday the Liberal Party (of which Tony A. is leader) is hosting a lunch to celebrate International Women’s Day.

All good so far (though this is the party that had only one woman in Cabinet for its first 18 months in office, and now has two).

But the venue – Tattersall’s in Brisbane – is a “men only” club!  Women can be admitted as guests but are denied membership.

Queensland Minister for Women, Shannon Fentiman, said what I think we’re all saying – “Seriously?  You can’t make this stuff up.”


One comment

  1. Perhaps they got a discount because someone was a member, and were just being fiscally responsible… Or maybe they left it to the last minute and everywhere else was booked. One hopes that it’s at least not a strip club or brothel, which are what leap to mind at the term “men only club” when it doesn’t involve golf.

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