Wonderful To See Men With Pick-Axes

5 March 2015

Men arrived yesterday and dug up part of our lawn.  And we were SO pleased to see them.

The NBN is coming to us!  By the end of the day we had a box on the side of our garage and everything ready for it to be connected into the house.

So David of course phoned the telephone people and asked when this could happen.  It has to wait until the entire neighbourhood has been wired as before then it won’t be turned on.  However D also queried why we had fibre optic right to the house.

If you remember, the Labor Government promised fibre optics to the house.  The Liberal Government changed that to fibre optics to the node.

D. suggested to the woman at Telstra that maybe we live in a marginal seat.  She put the phone down!  (I presume it’s part of their training not to get involved in political discussions).


One comment

  1. Rodd is going to be so jealous!

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