Rude and Discourteous

11 March 2015

That’s me apparently, according to at least one person on the internet.

And the reason for this accusation?  I disagreed with someone who was furious that a friend turns up at her house unannounced.  When I questioned this, about 95% of the people there agreed with her.  And accused me of being rude for even considering arriving on a friend’s doorstep without a prior arrangement. One woman said “NOBODY comes to my house without an invitation”.

I actually find it flattering to have unexpected visitors.  I assume my friends feel they’ll receive a warm welcome in my home.  And as I’m not the greatest housekeeper, it’s actually easier.  If I get advance warning, I may feel obliged to clean and tidy, and make (or at least buy) a cake.  If friends arrived without warning, they may find it a little untidy, and I probably won’t have even a biscuit in the house, but there’s always tea and coffee.

So if you’re a friend of mine, please be assured you’re always welcome at my house.  My new address is on my emails, or you have my mobile number.  And in these days of mobiles, you could at least give me five minutes’ notice. I look forward to seeing you.


One comment

  1. I’d love to pop round!

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