I’m Constantly Surprised

13 March 2015

….. by my husband!

Although we’ve known each other for very many years and been married 13, occasionally something surprises me about him. 

I told him this morning that Terry Pratchett had died.  He had never heard of him – genuinely had no idea who I was talking about. 

D. is well-educated, arty, a book-reader and English so I just assumed he’d know who I meant.  Also I assume that if I know something, then he must know it too (not sure why as I’m aware that there are lots of things he knows about that I don’t).



  1. Wow. Very surprising. He now has some reading to do.

  2. MY brother is not English but all those other adjectives apply to him. He also had no idea who Pratchett was. My sister and I were incredulous. I am sure his son would be. My youngest son was also disbelieving. Then again, he is a huge fan and went to hear Pratchett out here a few yeas ago. His daughter has a similar sense of humour as her dad and is well and truly a fan at 14. Son wore his Pratchett style hat today to work as a mark of respect.

    I used to buy son the latest release which was always close to his birthday. No more.

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