Step By Step

15 March 2015

On a similar topic to yesterday’s ……. I love looking through my old patterns (and I’ve been knitting since I was 5) and my mother’s. 

Not only are they briefer and don’t give step-by-step/line-by-line instructions, they generally don’t tell the knitter HOW to do something.  The pattern will say “Inc 1” but not tell you what kind of increase to use, that being left to the knitter to decide.  Similarly, decreases, casts on and casts off aren’t defined, assuming that the knitter will use the one most suitable for the garment/yarn.

Today’s patterns are much more explicit, complete with pictures explaining a technique and links to videos (hence the length of these patterns). And today’s knitters seem to expect this.

I’m not really complaining .. just curious.  If it gets people knitting, and producing garments they’re happy with, they’ll continue to knit.  But it frustrates the hell out of me to have to wade through pages of instructions when a simple line would do.


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