Praise Or Insult?

26 March 2015

The Hand-knitting and Crochet sections of the Easter Show are divided into a number of classes – Socks, Stranded Knitting, Creative Design, Baby Jackets – but there is one class in both the knitting and crochet section that’s on its own – Entry Restricted to Exhibitor Over 70 years of age. They can enter any type of knitting or crochet in those two classes.

I’ve never understood the rationale for this.  Is it that it’s thought that over the age of 70 knitters and crocheters are too old and doddery to hold a pair of needles and a hook and therefore shouldn’t be asked to compete against those without severe arthritis?  Or is it that it’s thought to be unfair to ask younger knitters and crocheters to compete against those with many more years’ experience?

I can never be sure whether these categories are insulting to the elderly or intended to pick out their honed skills for extra recognition.

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