Choices, Choices

27 March 2015

David has just asked if I’d like to go out for dinner tomorrow night. Or would I prefer to stay in front of the television watching the results of the NSW election.

I’ll take the dinner, thank you.



  1. Don’t you know elections are romantic? My hubby took me to the National Tally Room in Canberra for the evening the day after we were married – 21 May 1977 election.
    But… I presume being there would be more “exciting” than watching it on the telly at home

  2. People use the phrase win/win situation. I see this as a lose/lose election. Boring campaign, just more of the same old accusations. It is interesting that neither side has mentioned ICAC in their campaigning. Perhaps because neither side would show well if that were raised.

  3. I have just seen that the SMH has an article saying this. I commented before I read the article.

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