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I Resolve

1 January 2017

Nine years ago, after pressure from friends who were doing the same, I ‘launched’ my knitting blog. I called it Pompom – partly because of the knitting connotation and partly because I’m English and live in Australia.

But knitting and crocheting should involve lots of photos and I’m a lazy (and useless) photographer.  Most of those friends were doing it much better than I was.  So this quite quickly became my place to rant (I’m much better at that).

I ranted against useless politicians (no shortage of those), religion, ridiculous use of English – it was like owning my own media empire.  I could talk about whatever I wanted but without the pressure of having to please my ‘public’.  If readers didn’t like what I wrote, they could just go elsewhere.  At its height though I was getting about 1,000 readers a week and made many friends who became friends in the real world too.

Over the last 2 or 3 years, due to the rapid rise in the use of social media I assume, most of my original blogging friends have become silent (on their blogs, anyway).  And my blog too fell along the wayside.

I think it’s about time to revive it.  I don’t usually make New Year Resolutions but I’ve made this one (and, I know, it will probably last as long as most people’s commitment to go to the gym twice a week).  In Australia, we currently have the most useless, disorganised and dishonest Government. And surely Trump alone will provide many hours of amusement and horror?  Maybe I’ll even be more able now to fit in a bit of knitting content?

So watch this space.