About Me

I’m English, living in Sydney.  One husband (David), one cat (Chloe).

Added June 2008:  I’m now Australian as well!  Was given a lovely Certificate, and an Australian bush to plant in the garden.


  1. Hey there Sal!
    Just having a squizz through your bloggs on this chilly Saturday afternoon…lovely lows of 1 and high’s of 7…I’m SO sure you’re not missing much!

    Time has flown by! You’ve been to ol Blighty and back home again. Must say, I love David’s sweater and scarf…from web design to knit design…very diverse! LOL (lots of laughter)

    Hope the ol campaigning goes well! You can’t keep away hey!?

    Well I’d best be off and do something productive today.

    Take care!

  2. so glad you sent me this link – will add it to my desk top for dull evenings.
    glad to hear you’re still so full of interesting life talk!!
    have a happy holiday and be sure to let me know when you’ll be in Harrogate – its not far away from Marple!
    will investigate your “soundalike” and let you know outcome!
    best wishesxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Greetings, Sally. Heard you reviewing the Easter Show on Sticks and String, and glad to find your blog. It’s a great read!

  4. hello just wondering if you still collect woollen clothing for babies as I have a bag full of them that we no longer need and would love to donate to a good cause, I live in Sydney but am happy to post if required.


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