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Nearly Right

3 April 2015

Yesterday I visited a print shop to get a quote. The assistant asked if it were for a business or myself.  I told her it was for the Knitters’ Guild.

So she duly completed the enquiry form ……… And there at the top was “Nitters Skilled

Well, she got the skilled bit right.


Easter Show Pics

29 March 2015

Of course I’ve no great photos of the knitting and crochet from the Easter Show.  I’m lazy and a lousy photographer.

But as usual, Kris has come to the rescue with a wonderful set of pics.  Thanks, Kris.



Praise Or Insult?

26 March 2015

The Hand-knitting and Crochet sections of the Easter Show are divided into a number of classes – Socks, Stranded Knitting, Creative Design, Baby Jackets – but there is one class in both the knitting and crochet section that’s on its own – Entry Restricted to Exhibitor Over 70 years of age. They can enter any type of knitting or crochet in those two classes.

I’ve never understood the rationale for this.  Is it that it’s thought that over the age of 70 knitters and crocheters are too old and doddery to hold a pair of needles and a hook and therefore shouldn’t be asked to compete against those without severe arthritis?  Or is it that it’s thought to be unfair to ask younger knitters and crocheters to compete against those with many more years’ experience?

I can never be sure whether these categories are insulting to the elderly or intended to pick out their honed skills for extra recognition.


It’s That Time of Year Again

24 March 2015

Tonight was Sydney’s Royal Easter Show Preview Night.  Some of you may remember that I used to do a “review” of the knitting and crochet on David Reidy’s Sticks and String podcast.  David no longer does his podcast so my services are no longer required.  And I really miss it.

But over the next few days I’ll tell you about some of the entries and point you in the direction of some photos (you may also remember I’m a lousy photographer so I’ll “borrow” some of the photos taken by friends).

For those of you interested in the statistics, there were 162 knitting entries this year (I haven’t checked the crochet ones yet), down from 209 last year and the smallest number of entries since 2011.  On the up side, this meant that the cabinets looked SO much better as last year’s were cramped to say the least. 


Step By Step

15 March 2015

On a similar topic to yesterday’s ……. I love looking through my old patterns (and I’ve been knitting since I was 5) and my mother’s. 

Not only are they briefer and don’t give step-by-step/line-by-line instructions, they generally don’t tell the knitter HOW to do something.  The pattern will say “Inc 1” but not tell you what kind of increase to use, that being left to the knitter to decide.  Similarly, decreases, casts on and casts off aren’t defined, assuming that the knitter will use the one most suitable for the garment/yarn.

Today’s patterns are much more explicit, complete with pictures explaining a technique and links to videos (hence the length of these patterns). And today’s knitters seem to expect this.

I’m not really complaining .. just curious.  If it gets people knitting, and producing garments they’re happy with, they’ll continue to knit.  But it frustrates the hell out of me to have to wade through pages of instructions when a simple line would do.


Lazy or Just Plain Stupid?

14 March 2015

Are knitters in the 21st century lazier than in the past?  Or less bright?  This subject comes up occasionally on Ravelry and gets people VERY defensive but I do wonder sometimes what has changed over the last 50 years.

I remember when women’s magazines always had a knitting pattern, and that it covered no more than 2 pages, with photograph.  I downloaded a free pattern last year which was 7 pages long. 

A complicated fair-isle sweater in 8 sizes maybe?  No.  A baby’s bib.  An item that hardly needs a pattern at all except I wanted the motif on the front of it.  SEVEN PAGES for a baby bib.

I’ve seen shawl patterns of more than 10 pages.  And remember that if we’re downloading them, then WE are providing the paper and ink. 

It’s rare now to see a pattern which has instructions for Left Front saying “As Right Front but reverse shaping”.  Or AT THE SAME TIME do such and such.  People seem to want row-by-row instructions.  And some complain bitterly if they don’t receive them.

Are we more stupid?  Or lazier?   Or are we just in the habit of getting manuals for everything with step-by-step instructions? 

Don’t have the answer I’m afraid.


Normal Knitting Resumed

6 March 2015

It’s now 5 weeks since we moved and at long last today I unpacked the boxes that contained YARN. 

I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms.  All I’d packed with me was a half-finished pair of socks.  When I’d finished those I was at a bit of a loose end (not that I’ve had much time for knitting).  So with the leftover yarn I made a pair of baby socks. 

Now to found the time to browse through my stash and find something luxurious to work with.  And interesting.