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I Resolve

1 January 2017

Nine years ago, after pressure from friends who were doing the same, I ‘launched’ my knitting blog. I called it Pompom – partly because of the knitting connotation and partly because I’m English and live in Australia.

But knitting and crocheting should involve lots of photos and I’m a lazy (and useless) photographer.  Most of those friends were doing it much better than I was.  So this quite quickly became my place to rant (I’m much better at that).

I ranted against useless politicians (no shortage of those), religion, ridiculous use of English – it was like owning my own media empire.  I could talk about whatever I wanted but without the pressure of having to please my ‘public’.  If readers didn’t like what I wrote, they could just go elsewhere.  At its height though I was getting about 1,000 readers a week and made many friends who became friends in the real world too.

Over the last 2 or 3 years, due to the rapid rise in the use of social media I assume, most of my original blogging friends have become silent (on their blogs, anyway).  And my blog too fell along the wayside.

I think it’s about time to revive it.  I don’t usually make New Year Resolutions but I’ve made this one (and, I know, it will probably last as long as most people’s commitment to go to the gym twice a week).  In Australia, we currently have the most useless, disorganised and dishonest Government. And surely Trump alone will provide many hours of amusement and horror?  Maybe I’ll even be more able now to fit in a bit of knitting content?

So watch this space.


We Will Never Forget

25 April 2015

Today is Anzac Day and around the world nations are commemorating.  (Note: would some media stop using the world “celebrating” – you don’t celebrate a mass slaughter).

In London there is a huge march with a service at the Cenotaph attended by the Queen.  Civilians had to apply to be allowed to attend by giving their reasons for wanting to do so.  And my sister will be marching along, wearing my grandfather’s medals.

My grandfather fought at Gallipoli with the Royal Irish Regiment (I think 10th Irish Division).  Our mother was his only child.  She was in the WRAF during the Second World War (based mainly in Sri Lanka), my father was in the Chinhill Battalion in India and Burma – And my sister herself served in the Women’s Royal Army Corps. 

Why my grandfather was in an Irish regiment nobody seems to know.  He was born and brought up in Yorkshire.  I know Ireland was then part of the UK but I’ve no idea why he didn’t join a Yorkshire Regiment.  After the war he returned to England and was then posted to India in the early part of 1920.  My grandmother followed him out (pregnant) and gave birth to my mother there.  I think they returned to England when my mother was about 3 or 4.  It’s just a coincidence that she ended up back there in the next war (she was in love with my father and wangled a posting as he’d been sent there).

I remember my grandfather because he died when I was about 4.  Judith obviously (being 3 years older) remembers him well.

We don’t have to say “Lest We Forget” – we will NEVER forget him.


Make Mine A Double

4 April 2015

As yesterday was Good Friday, I came across a group of parents on the internet discussing how to explain the Easter story to their small children without making it too gruesome.

One woman explained it all to her small daughter who seemed to have understood and insisted on telling her father the whole story when he came home.  The father listened proudly to his daughter’s retelling of the story and all went well until the climax:

“Then Jesus got hammered”


I Did It!

31 March 2015

Each year I try to post every day in March.  And I managed to do it despite the fact that very little interesting has happened round here in the last month. 

I work a bit, I unpack boxes a bit (just moved house), I knit a bit. 

But I’ve sorely neglected my blog for the last 12 months so I’m hoping this will kick-start me into action.  I’ve been posting here for 8 years and I don’t want to stop any time soon.

It’s fun and I’ve made real-life friends here.  And it gives me the opportunity to have a rant and you know how much I love that.


A Win For Everyone … and for Decency

30 March 2015

I came across an interesting statistic a few days ago. 

The Australian Government spends just over $2 BILLION a year keeping asylum seekers and refugees in detention.  The ones we’ve dumped on Manus Island and Naura are costing us $400,000 a year per person.  And remember we have a population of fewer than 25 million people in this country footing the bill for this.

If we allowed most of these people to live in the community (at a cost to the country of about $20,000 each per annum), the country’s debt problems would be solved. We wouldn’t be talking about increasing university fees, cutting welfare payments, closing down legal advice centres, or increasing medical charges.

We’d have no children behind barbed wire. No babies born “in captivity”.  And we’d have a number of people who are willing and able to make a contribution to this country actually being allowed to do so. 


Facts and “Facts”

25 March 2015

I think I’m going to scream!  I keep being told that children who don’t vaccinate their children have given a great deal of thought to this and done a lot of research.  Why should I have any more respect for them just because they’ve proved they can read? And know how to use Google?

I’m sure Tom Cruise did a bit of reading before he became a Scientologist. But I still don’t respect his views on the subject or consider him anything other than crackers. And I certainly don’t believe his views should be considered valid.  (Or that Scientology in this country should receive tax concessions as a church, or have tax-payer funded schools – but that’s for another day).

It isn’t THAT you do the research that matters.  It’s WHERE you do it. 


Crocodile “Trophy” Hunting

23 March 2015

What is WRONG with this Government?

They’ve done a bit of a deal with the National Party who were upset that the Govt. has banned the import of body parts of lions killed by trophy hunters.

So the Government has said that it will allow trophy hunting of domestic crocodiles in the Northern Territory, issuing 25 licences a year for crocodile shoots.  How many crocodiles are killed per shoot I have no idea, this not being a “sport” I’ve ever taken an interest in.

I’m not a vegetarian, I have no problem in principle with killing animals for food (or clothes, but that’s not really necessary in our world).  I do however take in interest in HOW they’re killed and the idea of wanting to kill an animal for fun is a complete mystery to me.