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Service Not Included

28 March 2015

We went for our election night dinner tonight at a well-known local restaurant. 

The restaurant boasts a relaxed atmosphere, good food and that they “keep service to a minimum”.

Well, we couldn’t argue with that.  The food was fine but the service wasn’t much in evidence. 

I have to say I’ve never seen a lack of service presented as a selling point before.


Choices, Choices

27 March 2015

David has just asked if I’d like to go out for dinner tomorrow night. Or would I prefer to stay in front of the television watching the results of the NSW election.

I’ll take the dinner, thank you.


And That Means?

17 March 2015

I love reading the Plain English Campaign’s website as it really beggars belief that some companies and organisations attempt to communicate with their staff and customers in such a cack-handed fashion.

From South Eastern Railway’s website (UK) for instance.  It seems to read OK until you start to think “what does it actually mean?”

“What are the times for peak and off-peak travel?

Our peak time services run Monday to Friday, from 06.59 to 09.59, and from 16.00 – 18.59. Off-peak services run at all other times.

Although it is considered peak between 16.00 and 18.59, if you purchase a ticket to travel at this time, the ticket is sold as off-peak.

This is because off peak tickets are generally available for travel after 09.30 in the metro area, and on services which arrive in London after 10.00 from Kent mainline.”


And About Time Too

17 March 2015

If I know or suspect that someone has committed a crime and I give assistance to that person to avoid prosecution, I’m guilty of a criminal offence.  It used to be called “being an accessory after the fact” (not sure whether that’s still the term). 

Day after day in Australia we have watched the proceedings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse and heard evidence from senior members of various churches as they tried to explain their way out of their actions.  The most common course of action was to move the priest to a different parish (and we heard evidence that their behaviour often continued in their new environment.)  Occasionally they were even moved to a new country.

And day after day, I’ve shouted at the television screen.  They KNEW that an offence had been committed and they either turned a blind eye or chose to help cover up the crime.

But today I hope is the beginning of a new era.  The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide has been charged with concealing child sexual abuse – apparently the most senior member of the church to face these charges. 

Let’s hope that charges will now be forthcoming of the other priests, bishops, Salvation Army officers and head-teachers who have also, on their own admission most of the time, committed this offence.


I’m Constantly Surprised

13 March 2015

….. by my husband!

Although we’ve known each other for very many years and been married 13, occasionally something surprises me about him. 

I told him this morning that Terry Pratchett had died.  He had never heard of him – genuinely had no idea who I was talking about. 

D. is well-educated, arty, a book-reader and English so I just assumed he’d know who I meant.  Also I assume that if I know something, then he must know it too (not sure why as I’m aware that there are lots of things he knows about that I don’t).


My Lifestyle Choice or Yours?

12 March 2015

Tony Abbott is supporting a West Australian Government proposal to stop supplying any services to 100 remote Aboriginal communities because, in his words, “we can’t endlessly subsidise lifestyle choices”. 

Australian Aborigines have lived in these areas for tens of thousands of years. And of course the Government supplies services for my “lifestyle choices” (I choose to live on the Central Coast of NSW). 

I think Mike Carlton had the best response (on Twitter):  “If the Government isn’t into subsidising ‘lifestyle choices’, maybe it could start taxing churches”.

Hear, hear.


Is This Man Mad, or Stupid**

25 January 2015

I’m moving house this week so am rather busy but I couldn’t let Tony Abbott’s latest ‘bon mot’ pass without comment.

So once again the Government is trying to fiddle with working conditions in this country and they’ve got their sights set on the penalty rates that employees get for working weekends and unsocial hours.

Tony Abbott, naturally, supports this and his response to the tens of thousands of people (hundreds of thousands?) who do weekend work is “If you don’t want to work on a weekend, fair enough, don’t work on a weekend”.

The fact that they would appear to have a choice will be news to those working in the hospitality industry, to nurses and other health-care workers, to transport staff, to people working on emergency maintenance teams employed by electricity and gas companies, and to many, many others who really have no choice in the matter (if they’d like a job, that is).

** And that’s a rhetorical question.